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About Yumeiho Therapy

Yumeiho therapy originated from Japan and is a synergy of a number of bodywork systems. It is typically conducted on a matted surface on the floor which provides for patient comfort and some mechanical advantage for the practitioner. It shares many similarities to shiatsu therapy and Thai yoga massage with its compressive style of soft tissue kneading and pressure and it's use of gentle end of range stretching.

Yumeiho therapy is a holistic Japanese full body muscle and joint balancing technique that can produce great results for sufferers of musculoskeletal pain. During the treatment the Yumeiho therapist uses special stretching and rocking movements combined with a gentle deep tissue massage to produce fast and effective pain relief.
The therapy is a full body treatment that gentle balances the myofascial and skeletal system with over 100 commonly used treatment techniques.

It is also knows as the "method of correcting hip bones, massage and acupressure" or "Saionji Oriental Special Massage", but the original name is "Yumeiho Therapy".
It can be applied on a regular basis for good body maintenance where it assists in muscle relaxation and joint decompression.

Yumeiho therapy is currently taught in Australia to qualified allied health care practitioners. Professional indemnity Insurance has been approved for Yumeiho therapy.

Building better health with Yumeiho Therapy.

Master Saionji Masayuki, the founder of Yumeiho Therapy

“Therapies without the aid of tools are called “Manual Therapies” and belong to the category of “Natural Therapies”. Let me explain more about “Manual Therapies”. To being with, they include therapies that place emphasis on readjustment of the bone framework – Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Seitaiho and other reformation therapies. Secondly, a group of therapies attach importance to “Effect on Muscles” – Acupuncture and Massage. The Yumeiho Therapy is similar to the first group that is designed to readjust the bone framework, but is still different from it.” (Masayuki Saionji, 1990) 

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Why Yumeiho massage therapy?

Yumeiho is a therapeutic method based on manual actions performed on the entire human body for maintaining or improving health; it includes about 100 maneuvers performed on the entire patient's body.
It is also knows as the "method of correcting hip bones, massage and acupressure" or "Saionji Oriental Special Massage", but the original name is "Yumeiho Therapy".

​Yumeiho is a cause therapy. It differs from the symptomatic treatment that deals only with symptoms of disease.
The Yumeiho Therapy not only corrects the dysfunctional hip joints but also affects the muscles. It is something more than simple massaging.

Effects of Yumeiho Therapy


Alicia is in her 29th week of pregnancy

A survey shows that nearly 58 percent of senior high school female students suffer from dysmenorrhea (menstrual cramps). This is because they were affected by their mothers at the time of the birth. Skeletal abnormalities such as scoliosis, hip and lower back pain might be contributors. Therefore it is necessary for women who have to endure the great task of childbirth need to confirm before delivery whether their hipbones are normal to reduce impact on their child. 
Therefore , the whole life of a child can depend on the hipbones of their mother.

Masayuki S, 1990, Hipbone Yumeiho Therapy, XUE YUAN (Academia) Publising House Beijing 


Over 80 percent of people suffer from pains, heaviness, stiffness or other troubles in their hips.

All hip pains can be traced back to the displacement in the backbones, especially in the lumbar region.

To cure this syndrome we have to correct the displaced hipbone and recover the balance of your whole bone framework and muscles. The essence of the Yumeiho is removing the causes that bring forth the diseases, ​


Do you know about the terrible effects of vertebral injection?

The injection ​ins't good for the body. It​ may be​ a quick pain relief but it doesn't fix the problem. Any injection of steroids contain preservatives which burn nerves and tissues, among​st​ other​ things.The nerve cells will be blocked by the vertebral injection, ​it ​collapse​s very easily but it takes as long as seven years for the dead cells to restore their life.
Why do people ​today ​depend on these dangerous cures? Because they pursue only convenience. The Yumeiho doesn't employ any medical tools. In Yumeiho, the therapist​ is the tool. and its a cause therapy.

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